15 Apr 2012by thetigeruppercut

Audio: Lil B Speech at NYU

While I was away this week in Buffalo (and the border at Fort Erie but that's a whole other story), Lil B spoke at NYU about life, and being based. Here's the audio: [...]

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04 Jan 2011by thetigeruppercut

Video: Lil B – I Cook

Lil B - I Cook In 5 years, I can't wait to see these guys laugh at themselves.. [...]

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29 Mar 2011by thetigeruppercut

Video: Lil B – Illusions of Grandeur

Don't front like you're not #based. Lead single from his latest mixtape, which is also caled 'Illusions of Grandeur'. Looking forward to a 'Rain In England' part 2 to tell the truth! [...]

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25 Feb 2011by thetigeruppercut

Video: Lil B & Tony Yayo – Based

New rap supergroup? I'm down only if it's as #based as this. [...]

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