14 Apr 2011by thetigeruppercut

Download: Deuce Ellis – Lawless With An F

You're name is Wax Taylor if you don't check this out immediately [...]

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11 Apr 2011by thetigeruppercut

Download: Deuce Ellis – Spotted Cow Mixed by Tiger

Here's a little something Deuce and I put together last year, but we decided to re-release it to the masses recently. 19 tracks of that ishhhhhhh. Download Spotted Cow Here!!!!! P.S. #peanutbutter [...]

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27 Aug 2013by Tiger

Video: Marsten House Around The World Cypher Feat. Biz Mighty, Capo, Deuce Ellis, Mutha F’n Fame, Hefty + more

Big ups to my dude Steve Sxaks for the invite to swing down to Philly with Deuce Ellis and do this! This beat was produced by 4th Assassin specifically for this by the way and myself (Tiger) on th [...]

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22 Aug 2011by thetigeruppercut

Video: @DeuceEllis – Throwing Knives

All my kung fu heads BETTER know what movie this came from! Dope vid. What up Karl 2.0 and the 2 foot bong?! [...]

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10 Mar 2011by thetigeruppercut

Video: Mac Miller Concert @ Club Infinity Buffalo 1 March 2011

Big ups to the homie DJ Big Rob for the footage! Don't forget, [...]

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